Friday, November 30, 2001

Fic Recs on a Theme

The episode, "Vis a Vis", has been bothering me lately. Maybe it's just another example of how TPTB let so many answers slide in favour of a quick and dirty conclusion. So why was Tom so moody? What happened between B'Elanna and Steth? How did B'Elanna and Tom patch up their relationship (other than in the front seat of the Camaro)

Anyway, I shouldn't have feared. Thank goodness for the following fics which answered the questions TPTB should have taken care of. All of these stories are highly recommended. Dave Rogers' is the darkest of them all, and possibly my favorite of the bunch, while Julie Evans really manages to fill in all of the scenes with her usual flair. "Convincing Chakotay" by monkee hails the return of the Angry Warrior story while "New Sensations," also by monkee, takes that same story and adds a sensual twist. "Too Much Delta Quadrant Coffee" by Annie M is another dark view on the same events. Happy reading!

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