Sunday, November 18, 2001

This, That and Some More of This

Books I'm Reading: This is under "fun," btw, not mandatory. "Mosaic" by Jeri Taylor. Next up is "The Golden Compass" by Phillip Pullman that a co-worker gave me for my birthday last year and I still haven't made it past the first 15 pages. I probably should get it done before my birthday rolls around again. That would be a good thing.

Fanfiction I'm Reading: Barbara Watson's "Connect the Dots" series. She makes sense of gosh darn near everything. Long, but this series reminds me exactly of why I liked "Voyager" in the first place. Plus, her latest edition is about "Blood Fever." What's not to love? Also, I'm reading Contact High, a story that made the Top Five Fanfics of All Time lists of two zendom members.

Fanfiction I Want to Read: Okay, so this fic doesn't exist anywhere but in my head, but I'm dying for a Pretty Woman fic and I really did think I had a taker on that (hint, hint - you know who you are), but alas, her muse went off to greener pastures and I'm stuck with more questions. What happens to Vivian and Edward at the end? Do they live happily ever after? Does Edward get over his fear of heights? Does Vivian become a corporate raider? Dang it, inquiring minds need to know. Also, "LA Law" fic - I just mentioned the "Venus Butterfly" on a mailing list and that got my thoughts running about Michael and Grace - my very first 'ship. But darn it, there's just no "LA Law" fic out there.

Music I'm Listening To: Sarah Brightman's La Luna, Enya's The Memory of Trees and yes, Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes. I did have an Evita and Miss Saigon moment last week, but it's impossible for me to get through the last few minutes of Miss Saigon without completely bawling.

Most Amazing Site I'd Like to Completely Read One Day: Welcome to the Gossamer project which has practically every "X-Files" story ever written in it. Amazing work and I think it's updated nearly daily. Wow.

Site I Have Completely Read in One Day: Kelly's Janeway Fiction. There is something so incredibly addictive about Kelly's fic. I really was just going there to reread one story, "Courses," and I ended up reading nearly everything there. "Visitor" is my favorite and "Stimulation" is beyond words to adequately describe. BTW, "Stimulation" ended up on two of the lists of zendom members' Top Five Fanfics of All Time (yes, I was one of them).

Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Blogging: Research Rupert Murdoch (the man owns everything) and write about him. Review investment accounting because I'm so bad at it, take a look at the currency LP, write a paper on the SEC's new position on earnings and what ought to be revealed, and eat dinner. Not necessarily in that order.

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