Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Back in the lab. The goal is to be out before the extreme freezing temperatures hit and not stay here until 1 am, like we did yesterday. Today, we went to Denny's for a team lunch after our presentation (which went very well) - first time I've eaten since 8:30 pm last night and apparently, the guys were just as hungry. We ate and then discussed our financial analysis of the chocolate industry. Now, it's just a question of fixing numbers and writing the report out. Which they are working on fixing, while I come up with a second set of simulation numbers to confirm the set of answers we already have. Talk about applying the just-in time principle. Even this morning, I ran out to get the Murdoch paper, all 800 pages of it, bound at 9 am, just in time to get to our group practice at 10 am.

I really miss my overcoat.

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