Sunday, November 25, 2001

Andrew said today, "I bet the work is hitting you like a freight train." Yeah, that's a pretty decent way of putting it. All I can think is, two more weeks, that's it, two more weeks. At least Andrew understands if I disappear suddenly - he's in a similar situation, but he at least is outta there in 5 months (I shouldn't complain, really - Andrew's on his second Masters and I'm only on my hero).

Anyway, staring the freight train in the engine, I'm coming to the grim realization that fic will have to wait - reading, writing, and of course, FB. My life is consumed by Rupert Murdoch, currency LP, accounting analysis, and oh yes, the two random simulation problems assigned last week, not to mention finals - next week. This time though, I've got coffee. Lots of it.

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