Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Okay, the burnt smell has almost dissipated. Almost being the operative word.


I noticed someone from my alma mater stopped by here the other day, after being referred from the VVS8 site. So, hello!

In other weird alma mater news, my mother ran into someone at her gym who had gone to my school and had graduated a couple years after I did. My mother mentioned that I used to work at the newspaper and it turns out that this girl actually cut out a of couple of my articles and saved them.

I really should have stayed a journalist. More sleep. Less burned food. Probably wouldn't have this indigestion problem either.

And I promised to bake for the Christmas party at the office next week - they asked me to bring a copy of the recipe for the recipe book too. Easy: go to HEB, buy Tollhouse cookie dough, break into pieces, put on cookie tray, put oven on 350, burn.

I think I'm better off buying something.

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