Wednesday, November 07, 2001

It's 10:48 pm and do you know where you are?

The night is still young. Most of it has been spent battling Cadbury Schweppes' financial statements, but thanks to a little plug category called "Other Financing Activities" in the cash flow statement (don't ask - my teammate has dubbed this category 'Seema's Nondisclosure information', but hey, it works!). It's one of those deals where if your balance sheet is off, then your income statement goes bezerk, and then the cash flow is completely off kilter. And then if you even *think* about adjusting the balance sheetl, then it's all over for the cash flow and you have to start all over again. Hence, the plug was necessary. Thanks to this rather dubious new category, I think there might be an end in sight. As soon as we come up with an approriate explanation for "Other Financing Activities." We won't even talk about the rather sketchy accumulated depreciation numbers and the hideously low interest expense. There is definitely something fishy about the way Cadbury Schweppes operates - we didn't have this problem with Hershey's or Rocky Mountain Chocolate (yes, we're analyzing the confectionary industry). So many numbers, so little time... we're hoping the prof won't notice.

Between this chocolate project and the McDonalds' case project we presented last week... it's fattening just thinking about it.

It's now 10:53 pm. No, I don't think I'm going home anytime soon.

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