Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Blog, Take Two...

Between Netscape 6.2 and Windows ME, I really think I'm going to have to chuck something out of a window. I was hoping that 6.2 wouldn't be so buggy, but it has some very strange quirks and I think I may go back to 4.7, no matter how much I really want to use 6.2. As a matter of principle, I won't use IE unless push comes to shove, and boy, do I feel shoved right now.

At any rate, I wrote up an entire long post about why I'm a blogger wannabe, but it got eaten by the quirky Netscape, and I'm much too incoherent right now to try to resurrect that post. I don't think y'all are missing much though - you got the bottom line. I'm simply not Sylvia Plath-ish and while I love writing angst, my RL is curiously devoid of angst (well, other than that SUV dilemma I had over the last 48 hours, but resolved this afternoon). I think I'm Mary Richards.

Also, I thought about installing comments here and even went about researching on how to do such a thing, but then decided the only one allowed free speech on this blog would be me .

Well, ME keeps nagging me to download an update of some kind. Maybe if I do, it will stop having temper tantrums.

Good night, moon.

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