Friday, November 23, 2001

I keep wanting to write random fics. Not new fandoms, btw, but just dabbling in other fandoms. For instance, there is a "West Wing" idea nagging at me - nothing deep, nothing major, but it could be really fun to write. The "X-Files" always has a lure, but I'm in awe of the talent already out there, so I only attempted to write a fic once - What Is, a coda to "Requiem," the season seven finale. It's been quite a while since I wrote it and actually now that I reread it, I don't hate it. Not at all. Surprising.

Things I want to do this winter:

  • Finish Part I of "Fugue in Blue Minor." Liz is already working on the beta for what I've got done and at this point, it's just a short trek (no pun intended) to finish off Part I. It's Part II that's giving me heart palpitations and slowing down the work. But I did say December 2001... I may amend that to February of 2002.
  • Work on the Jadzia story - "Blue" - that I owe for the DS9 project Una and I are putting together. "Blink" is already finished and Una has finished one story as well.
  • Begin novelization of "Drive." So many questions to be answered, so many blanks to fill in - this is really a project I'm looking forward to.
  • Write that "West Wing" fic which keeps intruding in my brain.
  • Write that "Gladiator" fic which will wrap up the Maximus/Lucilla relationship once and for all. "A Fine White Mist" was supposed to have done that, but I wasn't entirely happy with the way that fic came out. So I'm planning to attack it again. I also would like to do one with Maxmius and his wife, Selene, but we'll see.
  • Finish that story I owe Tracy... from a year ago? I found a part of it written out in a notebook, so I really should get on this one. Tracy has been very sweet and patient about it, even though she did ask for this particular story as a birthday gift. I'm a terrible, terrible person, I know.
  • Write my article for zendom. Everyone else, I think, has finished theirs - I need to get started on mine.

*sigh* So many ideas, so little time...

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