Monday, November 26, 2001

Trek Weakest Link

I was glad to see that no one thought that Peru was in Asia and no one mentioned that Detroit was a state (I'll ignore the fact that Denise Crosby just named Alabama as the capital of New Hampshire). In general comments, all Trek actors redeemed themselves very well. As a team, they made more money ($40,000) in one round than the entire game I watched on Sunday - which was stars from old sitcoms (or something like that). It was nice to see Armin Shimmerman without make-up - but boy, with that backlighting, at first he looked like he had Quark ears! The stars were actually quite funny too - especially Armin - and William Shatner was downright charming. He even hugged Anne, and I think I saw a smile. A little one, but it was there .

The audience loved it too. Everyone was sooo sad when William Shatner was voted off. People were really sad when Roxann Dawson got voted off too and RD looked quite sad herself. I have to say, to steal a line from "Drive," she didn't look so tough right there. Bob Picardo, Wil Wheaton, Levar Burton and Armin Shimmerman were obviously the strongest of all the players. BP was the strongest link several rounds in a row and he is very charming. Makes me want to go to a con even more to meet some of these people as they are so funny and warm.

Bob Picardo had a great line. Armin didn't get a question right where the answer was "toupee" (even with me screaming it at the television) and so Picardo said that it was unforgivable for a follically-challenged man not to know the answer to this question. Pretty funny. People were also sad when Armin departed.

Anne had some interesting remarks such as: "Whose phaser was set on stupid?" and "Transport off the trash" or "Who will Klingon?" She asked William Shatner what he was famous for, LOL. She told Wil Wheaton he didn't really resemble a boy genius.

Now the weird Wil - Roxann thing. That was so strange. Roxann kept voting for Wil until she got voted off, with Wil being one of the who voted her off, saying this time it was for revenge. Anyway, Anne made some comments about Wil spelling his name with one L and called it pretentious. Roxann laughed the loudest and even clapped her hands. It was so strange. And then, during her remarks to the camera, Roxann said that she would be devastated if Wil won, because she couldn't believe he would come on to her like that on national television when he knew her husband would be watching and that it was very rude of Wil to do so. Keep in mind that Wil actually said something to the effect that he was voting Roxann off because he was madly in love with her. Sounded like a joke to me, but Roxann did not take it as a joke. I even rewound the tape. No, she was not joking. She sounded mad. Hopefully, these two did not end up in a green room together - but given that Wil is updating his blog, he obviously survived the RD encounter .

Anyway, the final total for the charity was $106 thousand-something (there were numbers after the six, but I forgot what numbers they were within about 5 seconds). Levar Burton was the lucky winner. Apparently, this sum was a record for the show. Cool.

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