Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Miserable Day

I feel like I've been transported back North, that's how darn cold it is here! Back there, a windchill of 30 was pleasant and a high of 32 was a heatwave - a cause for celebration! Heck, if it was 32 degrees out, I hit the ski slopes in shorts! But here, no, I'm freezing and hunched under my umbrella. The rain is bitterly cold - apparently it has the potential for sleet and snow (!!!) by tonight, if it at all. My suit did get soaked a bit, but my legs took the brunt of it - I'm really going to have to invest in a pantsuit one of these days, as the torrential rains have now put a run in my nylons and I still have 2 hours, 45 minutes to go before the presentation. I've been asking people if they have nailpolish, but alas, no. On a positive note, the last time I got caught in a thunderstorm wearing something that was dry-clean only, the dress actually shrunk (it was a double-layer dress, with the top layer shrinking so that bottom lining hung out), so in the case, I'm doing really well.

Note to self: next time I decide to pursue higher education, it will not be a program where what you wear and how you look is actually part of your grade.

I do hope it will snow though. When I'm inside and warm though.

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