Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Things Crossed Off My To Do List...

  • The SEC paper is done! I only hope I sound convincing as I advise an august body such as the FASB that GAAP is horribly outdated and needs to be revised.
  • I'm 3 pages into the Rupert Murdoch expose. Not so bad as I need to get to page 5 by Sunday. Only thing is, it's very difficult to write about "The Environmental and Organizational Context" when Murdoch enjoyed killing and skinning rabbits as a child. I'm starting to think the boys with their competencies have an easier job of analyzing Mr. Murdoch.
  • Present value of a discounted cash flow has been licked. It only took me a couple hours but I will never forget how to do it now and that is the point of an education, isn't it?
  • Currency LP looked at. This doesn't mean I've come up with the equations or the model, only that I've read the case and then figured that it was a pretty darn good problem. I think this is the same problem that was given on last year's final that no one got right. Very, very comforting.

    I still have one more reading assignment to do before tomorrow, but luckily it's not in a class where the professor calls on you randomly and expects you to launch into a soliquoy on the topic. It's almost 12:30, but I think I'll probably do this assignment now anyway.

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