Sunday, July 07, 2002

In the Kitchen with Seema

So today, I made pancakes. Actually, I was going to make breakfast tacos, but then realized my tortillas were all, well, broken. And it would mean going to the grocery store to get non-broken tortillas. So I skipped the breakfast tacos and went for pancakes (after frying the potatoes that were initially boiled for the tacos - yes, I can see you all just shaking your heads with dismay now). The pancakes had their own problems. No milk. No eggs except for egg beaters. All I could think of was that little commercial where the kids served their parents breakfast in bed and it's pancakes. Later the mother leans over to whisper in the father's ear, "But we don't have the stuff to make pancakes." So that was the situation.

So I put the egg beaters in. Put 3/4ths cup of water in instead of milk and I had a watery mess that didn't look like pancake batter to me. So just for fun, I added a cup of flour to the bisquick, hoping that would improve things. It did - a little, but not by much. Anyway, the pancakes came out okay. Not great, a little flat, but Vermont maple syrup made them better. My own consolation is that they were edible and they weren't burned. Not burning things is a good thing.

Back to packing.

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