Sunday, July 07, 2002

I should be sleeping, but I'm still on California time, and so I found this by Teague on constructive crit, because I'm endlessly fascinated by the behavior crit elicits from people. There ought to be an article. I'm still contemplating Teague's entry, but I think I agree with 90 percent. It's the 10 percent I'm having trouble formulating.

I had a post here about various things happening in the US and decided to delete it. Some things are best not discussed in blogs or livejournals. I would have loved to have a civilized debate about certain issues (so unrelated to fandom) but unfortunately, I'm not sure that that would have been the end result. And so, this is Seema's fluffy blog. No substance to see here. If I had a thicker skin and a better way with words, I'd attempt it. But this is my diary and I'm not necessarily sure that I feel like verbally sparring with people over certain issues on what I consider 'home territory.' If any of you are interested in talking about vouchers or the Pledge of Allegiance, feel free to email me.

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