Thursday, July 11, 2002

I have no idea what a meme is (other than in French, where a circumflex over the e would translate the word into "same"). I see the word being used all of the time and I was hoping that context would help me get a clue, but alas... there it is. I really have no idea what it is.

Does this mean fandom's language is evolving quicker than I thought and leaving me behind?

In weird, strange news (the type Liz would definitely appreciate), I had this dream that fandom was a little village and all of the writers lived in whitewashed houses with picket fences and a few (not me) had dogs. The weather was always sunny, and everyone hung out on their front porches doing whatever it is fanfic people do when they aren't ficcing or participating in fandom. I know I know. It made more sense when I was asleep, that's for sure.

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