Wednesday, December 19, 2001

2001 in Review

I wrote a blog about how I thought 2001 would be the year of retirement and how it wasn't since I wrote many, many fics this year, but that post got eaten. So here's another attempt at it. It's been a very interesting fanfic year, one with more experimentation than I've done before, which resulted in some fics which alternately scared me or amazed me (can you say that about your own writing?). This year's fic Included some very strange ones, some ventures into new fandoms, and some silly ones. Unlike 2000 though, 2001 was not the year of the angst bunny. It was more the year of the potpurri. Which, I think, I like better. Angst is hard. Takes time to write. Makes you tired. This was easier - when I got tired of angst, I did something else. Anyway, I listed out all of the 2001 fics, just for fun. Here they are. BTW, these are only the posted fics, not the ones which are still lingering on my hard drive for insecurity reasons.

  • Among Bluebonnets (VOY)
  • All Things (DS9)
  • A Case of Need (VOY)
  • Beneath a Sky of a Thousand Stars (VOY)
  • A Dream of Rain (Gladiator)
  • Erosion (VOY)
  • The Fall of Shadows (VOY, VVS8)
  • The Fight (VOY)
  • The Final Straw (VOY)
  • A Fine White Mist (Gladiator)
  • How to Succeed in Hard Times... (VOY)
  • Intimate Expression (VOY)
  • Irrational (ENT)
  • A Map of You (VOY)
  • Nice Work (TNG/VOY)
  • Not That Kind (VOY)
  • Oxygen (VOY)
  • Poolboy Diaries (TNG, VOY, Zendom)
  • Retrospect (VOY, VVS8)
  • Sometimes the Heart (Gladiator)
  • Southern Fried Paris (VOY)
  • What Is (X-Files)
  • When on Risa... (DS9)

Scary, isn't it? Most of these stories can be found on my fanfic page. The "Poolboy Diaries" are not yet available - not sure if they will be available for public viewing at this point, but we'll see.

Fics in Progress: I've been working a little on "Interlude," which is the sequel to "Fugue." Yeah, I know. Work on everything *but* the bridging stories. "Stay" is almost ready for primetime. The C/T fic is still being worked on, but should be ready for primetime sometime before June. Just got the beta on "Unexpected" back from Liz, so I'll probably resume that soon. I get the feeling that 2002 will be an ecclectic year for fanfic. Though, I'm happy to report - no new fandoms on the horizon. ENT just hasn't grabbed me at all to write for it - though I do have a fragment of something on my hard drive that could be a companion to "Irrational" from Trip's POV. We'll see if I actually do anything with it. I think my first plan of action should be to finish "Fugue."

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