Thursday, September 15, 2005

Or maybe it's Monday

A couple months ago, I was having problems with my toilet. I was convinced it was leaking, so I called the apartment people to come fix it. They fixed it so well, it no longer flushed. So I called them again, and once again they fixed it. Today, I noticed a blue line across the white porcelein and a splash of blue on the tile floor -- probably from the inserts I drop into the tank. Turns out there's a hairline fracture in the tank, extending from where the tank is bolted to the stand, and then slowly creeping up the front of the tank.


My guess is that when I asked them to fix the toilet, they tightened the bolts a little too much and now it's cracked. Thanks to my trusty friend Google, I now know this not a problem I can ignore, and sooner or later, the thing is going to burst open and spill all over the place. Add to that, it's not a fixable problem; they will have to replace the tank. I shouldn't worry about it, because it's so obviously not my fault ( I mean, really, do I look like someone who goes around bolting and unbolting toilet tanks?) and hopefully they have kept maintenance records. Even so, I like to worry -- it's a full-time hobby with me -- and I'm just unnerved at the prospect of having to cough up for this repair. Gah. Stay tuned.

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