Monday, October 07, 2002

One Hundred Things About Seema

1. Two out of five Mod Squads members have done this, so Seema figures she should as well.
2. Seema usually does what the Mod Squad does.
3. It saves her from having to make a decision.
4. Seema doesn't like to make decisions.
5. Especially decisions involving her car.
6. Decisions involving said vehicle usually end up with Seema spending a lot of money.
7. Seema hopes nothing happens to the car until she gets a job.
8. Seema used to work for an insurance company.
9. She was there for four years.
10. Seema's not sure what she's going to do next.
11. She just hopes it will be fun.
12. Seema has lived in three states and two countries.
13. She liked two of those states very much.
14. She doesn't like her current state very much.
15. The current state is very conservative.
16. Seema is a liberal.
17. Seema is a registered voter.
18. She votes in every election.
19. Which reminds her, she needs to get her absentee ballot.
20. Because Seema doesn't currently live in the county where she's registered to vote.
21. Seema has only 7 months left in this particular county.
22. Which is why she isn't a registered voter here.
23. Seema has been writing fanfic for five years.
24. She keeps thinking she's going to quit, but that never happens.
25. She started writing fanfic because RL was no fun.
26. Fanfic, on the other hand, was fun.
27. RL is fun again.
28. Deep Space Nine was Seema's first fanfic fix.
29. Ginomo was the first ficcer Seema read.
30. Seema just archived Ginomo's official last fic at the WDFA.
31. Archiving is a lot of work.
32. Seema used to run two archives.
33. The first archive was called The Write Connection.
34. Seema's friend Chris named the website.
35. Chris worked with Seema at the school newspaper.
36. Seema was the Arts & Living editor and Night editor.
37. Seema stayed up until at least 3 am when she was night editing.
38. She knows the Associated Press Style Manual by heart.
39. Seema has low tolerance for bad grammar and tense shifts.
40. She finds her patience for stupidity wears thin as she gets older.
41. Seema is older than Liz Barr.
42. Seema is not older than Lori.
43. The first president Seema was old enough to vote for was Clinton.
44. The first president Seema remembers is Carter.
45. Seema has worked on Habitat for Humanity projects.
46. Seema scrubbed floors, washed windows and landscaped for Habitat.
47. It was relaxing, even though it was hot.
48. Seema doesn't like the heat.
49. Seema likes snow and wants to live somewhere eventually where there is the possibility of snow.
50. Seema would also like see mountains.
51. She likes to hike mountains.
52. She also likes to travel.
53. A lot.
54. Seema spent six weeks in France this summer.
55. She wishes she had done it earlier and for a longer period of time.
56. Seema spent 10 days in the London in 1999.
57. She went on a Henry VIII scavenger hunt.
58. She also got to see one of her favorite musicals, "Les Miserables."
59. Currently, Seema is taking a break from studying.
60. She has an exam on Thursday.
61. It's a multiple choice exam.
62. Seema cannot believe that at the graduate level, she has a multiple choice exam.
63. Last year, exams were at minimum 3 hours long.
64. Seema usually slept for hours after the end of the exams.
65. Seema wants to thank everyone for all the feedback they send her.
66. Feedback makes Seema very happy.
67. Especially when it's been a bad day.
68. Feedback makes so many things so much better.
69. Seema has one younger brother.
70. Seema is much shorter than her brother.
71. Seema's favorite colors are green and pink.
72. Seema's favorite fanfic characters are Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres.
73. In Voyager, that is.
74. Mulder and Scully.
75. Without doubt, Seema's favorite 'ship.
76. Seema has been reading a lot of MSR fic lately.
77. It's more interesting than Corporate Strategy.
78. But no one gives quizzes on MSR.
79. So Seema always does her homework.
80. Seema rides the bus to school.
81. It saves gas and sanity.
82. Seema hates trying to find a place to park.
83. She's also concerned that she might hit a teeny, tiny freshman.
84. Seema admits to having a soft spot for C/7.
85. Seema grudgingly admits that there might be something between J/C.
86. Seema needs to stop procrastinating.
87. Seema can't really cook.
88. Rice-a-Roni is too a balanced meal.
89. Ramen noodles are not a good thing.
90. Seema lives alone.
91. She always has either the television or the radio on when she's at home.
92. Except when she's reading and needs to concentrate.
93. Seema takes notes when she's reading.
94. Just in case she gets called on.
95. Seema tries to volunteer at least once a class so she doesn't get called on.
96. Seema has several plants.
97. Currently, the plants are in the custody of the Maternal Unit.
98. Seema has a habit of killing plants.
99. Seema finds it hard to write about herself in the third person.
100. Which is why she's glad this list is over.


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