Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Livia weighs in on BNFdom. Interesting conversation and I don't have time right now to add my two cents, but I agree with the majority of what she says. It still doesn't answer my question as to how do you know you're a BNF and how do you become on the first place? I still stick to my assertion that it has to do with the Cult of Personality and those with more personality are more likely to be a BNF. Of course, having a cool LJ/Blog, great innovative fics, and a Presence in fandom doesn't hurt. But how you get there, the answer to that question still alludes me. I know whom I consider a BNF, but I'm not sure that everyone else agrees with me that X is a BNF.

In other Seema!News, whee! I get entirely too verklemped over minor things like exams which are worth 30 percent of my final grade. I think I leave every exam thinking I've done gone failed it. And I thought last Thursday, despite the ignoring of the inbox and generally keeping myself offline, I'd blown the Market Research exam. So I was glum about that and generally thinking I'd have to really, really knuckle down for the next one and not to mention, we'd have to excel at the research project. But it was too early to call for a shovel, because kids... it came back with my very favorite letter grade on it. Life is good. Life is happy.

And now, on to the next exam... which starts in one hour.

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