Monday, October 21, 2002

Going Mozilla

I've gone and done it. I've defected from Netscape. Today, Netscape decided it wasn't going to allow me to hit "Submit" buttons and so the choice came down to reinstalling 6.0 (which meant another download as my exe file went corrupt during the time it was living on my hard drive) and Netscape 7 received mediocre reviews. Furthermore, pop-ups are driving me absolutely batty - I don't think I can honestly handle anymore and the proxy I use to connect to the internet with - webwasher - was no longer getting the job done.

So I did it. Since I figured I had to download something anyway, I went ahead and downloaded Mozilla. I'm very pleased. All of the weird quirks I've been experiencing as of late in Netscape are missing from Mozilla and better yet, Mozilla looks exactly like Netscape - except it has a built in pop-up filter. Which means I no longer have to use a proxy when surfing the internet. It also imported all of my Netscape bookmarks and it still has access to my POP email - that was one of the things I was concerned about, whether I'd have to rebuild my bookmarks file and redo all my settings. But no, Mozilla took care of that.

From what I've read on cnet, Mozilla is simply Netscape but without the pesky interference of AOL and since it's open-source, it's built by the people who actually use and who are trying to make web surfing less annoying. So definitely, a very, very good thing.

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