Tuesday, March 05, 2002


The best part of reading the WSJ right now is to see the full page ads run by Carly Fiorina and Walter Hewlett. It doesn't get anymore down and dirty than this. Today, Hewlett said that "HP doesn't need Compaq." Yesterday, Fiorina claimed that not merging would lead to HP's "retreat" from the market. Last week, Fiorina said something about innovation and Hewlett said something about risking the future of a strong company on a company weakend by the increasingly commoditization of the market. And so it goes...

Beautiful work, people, of putting those shareholder dollars to work. At least the lawyers aren't complainin'. I will be sad when the proxy does actually happen, as these ads are what I look forward to in my WSJ. I bet the WSJ will be sad too, when they lose this daily source of income (my college newspaper, with a circulation of 25,000 charged $1,000 for a full page ad - can you imagine what a full-page in the WSJ costs?).

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