Sunday, March 17, 2002

Big News!

Okay, maybe not big news to you people, but we have a new big grocery store in BCS! Whoohoo... it's lovely. I meant to stop just to get coffee and sugar, but instead, ended up getting a whole bunch of things. Best part of this store? The vegetarian and natural organic section - lovely to be able to be in a section of a store where I don't have to check the labels of each and every thing I take off the shelf. They even have Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and of course, I had to indulge and get a pint (coffee heathbar crunch, for those of you who love those kinds of details). Of course, the parking lot of death has simply moved from there to here, but for a grocery store this lovely, I'm willing to brave it.

Now, my dear friends, off to do more homework (see what happens when you slack off for a week?) with a hope of spending an hour of "Fugue" tonight, whipping it into shape so that it will see daylight before April. I have, however, uploaded tiny spoilers for those of you curious.

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