Friday, March 08, 2002

Updates Galore!

Zendom has updated with its latest articles - our recs for rare & unusual pairings from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to X-Men. Looking for something to read? Start here!

Also, new fic, Forbidden Love, inspired by Operations Management and well, a comment Jemima made, is now up.

Addendum to the Stages of Fandom

I forgot to mention this one: The Busy Bee stage. Put that right after Innocence and Bliss. What is this stage, you ask? This is the one where you're so overwhelmed by the wonder that is fandom and the desire to "do right", you end up volunteering for every awards/archive/beta/mentoring list around. You want to do everything and you're determined to come up with new and more creative ways of archiving every fic ever written in your fandom of choice. You have energy, enthusiasm, and you're surrounded by great friends. BTW, this "energy and enthusiasm" only lasts a few months - burnout follows very quickly after you archive fic 1,001 (archivists - ye knew of what I speaketh) and you go on searching for a replacement - who never, ever volunteers. You also get irritated with your email about people complaining about disclaimers, ratings, categorization, etc. You had it and you step down (unless you're thick-skulled like me, who is still endlessly archiving at the wdfa, and eventually the readers who were whining about your archiving abilities earlier are now whining about the fact no one ever updates this archive. This stage leads beautifully into the next stage, the Wall.

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