Monday, March 11, 2002

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice

Made my quarterly trip to Babies R Us today and no matter how many times I go, the store continues to baffle me. When I went for Shelby's baby last fall, I spent an inordinate time examining pacifiers. There were pacifiers with Pooh motifs and glow-in-the-dark pacifiers (so you could, um, find them in the dark?) and other pacifiers with lots and lots of strange features. In the end, I skipped the pacifiers and went with the low-tech sippy cup and spoonware Shelby wanted. Thanks to the fact that my relatives and coworkers keep having children, I'm really not an innocent to Babies R Us shopper, but who knew babies needed so much stuff? And how come some of it is more high-tech than my car?

A trio of women were staring at a wide assortment of humidifers and finally, one of them just grabbed one of the shelf. Her friend asked if she was sure this was the right humidifier and the other woman promptly said, "It better be because this is the one they're getting. I can't spend my entire day in this aisle." Amen, Sister.

This time I grabbed a saleswoman and had her take me around the store. My days of endlessly walking around Babies R Us are officially done. Everyone's getting a pacifier from now on.

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