Saturday, March 23, 2002

What fic writers do with their spare time...

Lori and I spent an obnoxious amount of time at this site today. We were greatly amused.

For instance, don't you just want to buy this book based on the opening paragraph of its summary? NECESSITY-DEMAND is a dual mode dependant function and this needs to be directed with curiosity. In order to sustain the Curiosity, an index for progress has to be identified as a directed beam triangular structure. This structure, basically, is the backbone for Intellectual Growth. Many western countries have shown considerable physical progress as an Index through integration of Human Resources endowed with basic intelligence.

You can read ebooks by talented authors such as: Jeff went on to set sales and marketing records as a sales associate and later as the Vice President for Target Marketing, Inc. by day, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified sales instructor internationally for Dale Carnegie® Seminars by age 27 at night. In 1991, after experiencing down-sizing for the second time, he started his own publishing, training and organizational development firm.

We also learned that: Blood is a wonderful fluid. From it, we give life and a constant cleansing of our bodies. Almost everyone knows that the human body must have certain basic elements to survive, vitamins and minerals that we usually find in our daily food. This book, btw, was written by a "Self retired Truck Driver."

Go, visit, have fun.

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