Tuesday, February 18, 2003

It's All Jemima's Fault

Jemima convinced me to enter the Awesome Author Award contest once again. Two of my fics are already-rans, due to my non-prolific J/C writing. After the "Die J/C Die!" debacle, I'm really suspicious of contests that are not ASC and are most definitely based on things other than quality. That is the only explanation why fics, which obviously haven't even been spell-checked, can win. Jemima thinks alien voters. I'm inclined to agree with her. After all, what else could possibly explain the unforgiveable neglect of authors like Penny and monkee?

Sour grapes? Not entirely. As recent conversation with Tori made clear to me - just because someone wins 'shiny' JPGs doesn't mean that their writing is any good. And that goes for me too. I fully acknowledge that my fic might be substandard to some people, but I take pride in the fact that regardless of anything else, I always use spell-check.

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