Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I talked to the people at the International Affairs program. I've been invited to Interview Weekend- which is next week. Lynn is coming next weekend. And she's not flying here. I have to drive 2 hours to go pick her up. So this is a minor problem. So the people were very nice and have agreed to let me just do half a day on Saturday so I can leave by 1 pm to pick Lynn up. I still slightly dishonest for even feigning interesting in this program because really, what I want is a job, not another 2 years in academia.

Speaking of jobs, there is a career fair going on in the business school now. I'm debating, but probably won't go. I may consider tomorrow - I'm just so anti, well, I went to the career fair last semester and most of them were not hiring, especially not MBAs. They were just here to make sure they maintained their relationship with the university. Which I understand, no problems there. It's just really hard to have to go to these people and ask them for a job when they don't have one. I am going to a conference on Friday afternoon and sitting down with a major pharmecutical company. Hopefully that will go well.

I did email S. this morning and ask her for some email addresses of people I worked with in Corporate. Unfortunately, I hadn't brought them with me. One of them tried to recruit me the spring before I came here. I didn't interview then because I'd gotten admission here, but now, I can look into it. We'll see. I haven't got that many non-techie contacts. But there are signs that people are hiring again. People are starting to get interviews, more companies are coming... that kind of thing. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

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