Monday, February 17, 2003

I Heart Me My PC

I've been geeky today, trying to track down the source of my computer problems. I lost Yet Another Email to the dreaded kernel32.dll error - which basically means one of my programs is doing something that it shouldn't be doing.

In my search for help, I found this site which is made 'specially for those of us with the Microsoft love going on. I spent some time trolling the message boards. I see a lot of the same issues going on - and most people agree that the ME O/S is basically crap and to either upgrade or downgrade. Which makes me feel comfortable in my decision to upgrade to Windows 2000 Pro. Yes, it's probably overkill for my needs, but I'm not going the XP route and I'm most certainly not buying a Mac (if someone sends me $2000, then I may consider a Mac but until then...).

Some of you may be amused by the Microsoft Humor section, especially the Top Ten Things Likely to be Overhead From a Klingon Programmer.

The last reminds me of when I was working in Corporate on a major software project and every day, I got a list of new software bugs. In our venacular, they weren't bugs, but "undocumentated extra features." Uh-huh. There were enough "undocumented extra features" that the project was killed a mere 6 months after I finished my assignment. My co-workers always blamed me for killing a $80 million project. It's not my fault that many of the "undocumentated extra features" happened on my watch.

I was just the business analyst, ya know, not the programmer. (The programmers were fun too - we had four vendors, including home grown and they all blamed each other for everything that went wrong. No, I wasn't sad when the project was killed, but then I went two months without a project and that was rather dull).

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