Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I just purchased Windows XP ($15), Windows XP upgrade ($5) and FrontPage2002 ($5) from the University software program. XP is for me, FrontPage for a former coworker who is taking advantage of the reorg to start his own business. I was originally going to go with Windows 2000 as per the Brother's recommendation, but then he just bought a new laptop for himself that runs XP. He approves so that's all I needed. Plus, I was sold when I saw this version - academic - comes with a full copy of Office 2002. Nothing can possibly rock more than that.

Jerie says that wiping the hard drive is easy. I'm rather frightened myself. But she gave me her phone number and said to call her if there are problems. I just might do that... so now you know what I'm trying to do on Thursday night. If it fails miserably, at least I have this weekend to haul the computer to the Brother and have him work his magic.

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