Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The Best Movie Blurbs of the year. Do you remember any of these movies? Some of the might ring a bell, but really...

In other news, I've cut my hair. I'm going back to my 'professional' look. So it's just above the shoulders in the back and chin length in front. It's hard getting used to my hair not being tied back from my face anymore. But at the same time, I'm intensely relieved that I won't have to comb it 80 million times a day either. However, this also means that the flat iron, curling iron and hair dryer are back in my life after a nearly 18 month absence. ::sigh:: At some point, I also have to retouch my highlights. I'm thinking that March will be a good time to do that. My hair, regardless of length, takes way too much time.

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