Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Word count: 15,037.

Still behind, but at least I'm getting there. I'm thinking about changing the names of my main characters to Wilma Betty Sue and Billy Bob Wayne. That's gotta help with the count.

In honor of my being behind in the NaNoWriMo world, I present you my (very good) reasons of what I was doing instead of writing for NaNoWriMo.

  1. School. It happens.
  2. Papers. They happen and unfortunately, don't contribute to the word count.
  3. CNN. I'm obsessed - cannot be on the computer for more than 10 minutes without checking CNN. One thing leads to another and suddenly, I'm searching down fandom kerfuffles.
  4. Job hunting. Or lack thereof.
  5. I just gotta ask - who the heck decided that November, a month with holidays in it, ought to be National Novel Writing Month? Hmmm?
  6. Whatdya mean I gotta write a novel? You must have me confused with Lori.
  7. It's Jemima's fault.
  8. The NaNoWriMo forums.
  9. ASC Awards? Who me?
  10. Travel plans. Go north, young lady, go north.
  11. Dishes. I do a lot of dishes. Lots of 'em. And cooking. Yes, lots of cooking. So there.
  12. The bus. It was running off schedule today. Messed me up.
  13. Did I mention the paper?
  14. I have no one-liners. It can't be good without one-liners. This is where I want to Be More Like Liz Barr.

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