Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Fresh Fic

New story in the Glory Days universe - "Stand By Me" by Rocky. Tuvok makes a trip to Earth. For those of you joining this program in progress, "Glory Days" is a post-"Endgame" series that follows our intrepid heroes' lives after Voyager. Ten stories completed to date, tentatively, there are four more to go. (I say tentatively because that number changes every week).

In other news, I bought a pie today. An apple pie. I didn't mean to. I just stopped at the grocery store to pick up fresh veggies for tonight's dinner (for those curious - I made an onion and mushroom pizza) and as I was checking out, there were fresh, hot apple pies right there on the counter. At the terrific price of $2.50. And did I mention that they had just, just come out of the oven? I resisted for about two minutes and then just capitulated and bought the pie. So I had fresh, hot apple pie this afternoon, when I was planning to have a salad for lunch. The salad, I guess, I'll just have for dinner tomorrow night instead. Those grocery types, very sneaky.

I'm watching "The Great Race" right now, waiting for "The West Wing" and for the pizza to finish baking. Anyway, I'm feeling all nostalgic for Europe now because today's episode is taking the contestants through all of the places I was this summer. They're at Fussen right now - which is where Neuschwenstein Castle is and where I was in May. And then they were in Salzburg and Munich - also places I spent time in this summer. The scene that got me was where the contestants were sitting in the train station waiting for a train to Salzburg. Reminds me of when we were sitting around - sometimes for hours - waiting for a train. But the Munich train station was much nicer than the ones in France. French train stations - they were literally warehouses with nowhere to sit and nothing to eat. But the Munich stations and the ones in Barcelona and Madrid were very nice. Which reminds me - I've got pictures from Spain to scan in. This weekend, possibly Sunday. I know you're all holding your breath, waiting for these pictures.

And now, I think the pizza is done and "The West Wing" is on.

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