Friday, November 15, 2002

I can't believe it costs less to fly to the UK (sorry, Christine) than it does to the East Coast. I'm doing the ticket hunt again. American Airlines won't give me my credit from the ticket I cancelled last summer - which would have helped out a great deal. Right now, all tickets to Boston are over $300. I may just go the Priceline route if I do intend to make this trip, though all signs point to yes at the moment (my friend has bribed me with the promise of visiting our alma mater for a 'food' tour - yum!).

And oh yes, I didn't realize that when the power got turned off today, the outgoing mail server went down as well. It's only mildly irritating not to have access to the academic building - the building is only accessible by key card on the weekends, so obviously that isn't working either. But we don't have our regular university email either until 6:30 on Sunday, so I have to use my backup university account (yes, I go to a bizarre university where they give us multiple email accounts and then confuse us by sending important notices to the one you never check). I'm sure there's another outgoing server on campus somewhere, but I'm entirely too lazy to set it up at the moment as I know my regular server will come back to life on Sunday evening.

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