Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Word count: 11,616.

Meaning, I'm probably not going to make it. And then to throw a kink in the plan, I have an interview - for the CIA - in a city five hours from here next week. I'm still debating on whether to go, whether it's worth it to miss three days worth of classes (including an exam - though if Prof doesn't give a make-up, then that solves my problem. No exam, no pass class, no graduate). I like the location of the job - which means, it's not in this state. But the pay is, well, not that great when you take the high cost of living in the DC area compared to where I am now. So I'm thinking on it still and given the short time frame, I've got to make a decision pretty soon. My thought is that it's good practice - but gak, all of that driving. But man, it's the CIA, the CIA... I could be an International Woman of Mystery.

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