Monday, June 24, 2002

Talked to the boss. They need me. I have work. They changed my project completely around while I was gone. Which means I now have to catch up. And dang it, they didn't tell me this before I bought the tickets to California? I'll be making up the time now. Which means working Saturdays again, not to mention going to work the rest of the week. The boss was nice enough not to make me come in - I did offer, but he said no, start tomorrow. Which gives me exactly five week days to get my act together and get caught up, not to mention I' may have to come in on a Saturday to make up the time. I do like working Saturdays though. It's quiet and I got a lot done when I worked that Saturday before leaving for France. Hopefully, I can do some of this from home. But looks like the 33-cent mac and cheese fate has been averted for the time being.

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