Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Because Lameducks Can Only Do So Much

I'm hopping on the google craze too, now that I figured out how it works:

"Seema is Star - Stuff, In a crowd." Why, thank you.

"Seema is one of the most creative individuals I've ever worked with. She has the experience and know-how to get the job done. Her enthusiasm is exciting. ... " Thank you again.

A diploma holder in Pharmacy and a postgraduate in Hindi, Seema is interested in poetry, theater and participates in disability advocacy issues. Um, two out of five isn't bad.

She comes from a musically inclined family who have encouraged her throughout. Seema is fun-loving who likes listening to Kishore Kumar and Led Zeppelin. Except for the Led Zeppelin part...

Seema is a thoughtful and dedicated worker. She has a flair for creativity, and brings enthusiasm and a great sense of humour to every endeavor. Gee whiz, I'm going to get a swelled head.

Seema is a self-described "passionate, considerate and extravagant" woman. She's got a petite build, long black hair and green eyes. No green eyes here and certainly not extravagant.

Seema is a senior at Indiana University Bloomington. Seema is majoring in Informatics. Um, no

Well its this mind-set and effort, which comes to her so naturally that sets things right for her. Seema is a firm believer in God. Yes.

Seema is a graduate of Indiana University's School of Business where she received a bachelor of science degree with a major in accounting and a minor in finance ... Accounting should be a dead giveaway that this isn't true.

The protagonist, Seema, is the daughter of a rich industrialist, Naidu, who thinks of women as objects of sex and useful only to produce children. Gee. Just my type.

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