Monday, February 28, 2005


I have permission from Lori, via Jemima, to be a lazy blogger tonight. That's pretty much been the theme of the evening. I did work out tonight, after squeeing with Jerie who too shares my deep love and admiration for all things "Without a Trace", but after that, it was futon!time, just in time for Reality Stars Fear Factor.

My love of reality television has no shame.

Because it was such a lazy, lolling around kind of day, I had a lazy, lolling around kind of dinner. Namely, a samosa -- very oily, -- and nachos, drenched in cheese and salsa.

Every now and then I just really like to eat junk for dinner. I don't really munch much -- usually tortilla chips or crackers are my snack items of choice. I also like yogurt and sliced apples and I tend not to eat that much between meals. But every now and then, it's like, "I want SUGAR! I want GREASE! I want FAT!" And so then, out comes the salsa, chedder cheese and nachos, and there's dinner.

For any mothers who might be horrified, I should probably also mention in my family, it was perfectly acceptable to eat cake for breakfast. Ice-cream was also considered an acceptable meal in a pinch (I have an extreme weakness for ice-cream; hence, I rarely ever have it at home). When it comes to indulgence and food, my family definitely lives to eat.

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