Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed

In other words, I fear I must issue a correction on a previous blog entry. How awful is that? Issuing a correction is bad enough, but in a blog? A venue that is completely a self-serving, subjective, biased, unresearched soapbox? And yet, I find myself issuing a correction. Mind you, the misinformation in this blog probably didn't harm anyone or cause anyone to lose any sleep or money. And yet... yet, I'm issuing a correction.

Here it is:

Gerald Ford was president when I was born, not Jimmy Carter. During the time Ford was president, I discovered how to stuff both feet in my mouth, grew hair, and generally gurgled. By the time Carter took office in '77, I'd advanced from crawling to walking, and spent every other minute asking, "'appen?" In answer to that question, a correction happens when you don't check your facts first. It's all terribly embarrasing, especially in an election year.

So ends the first (and hopefully) last correction in this blog.

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