Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's how you play the game

I'll be honest -- there are very few reality shows I've seen I haven't adored and as such, I'm a horrendous armchair strategist.
You won't ever see me toughing it out in some tropical paradise, wearing the same bathing suit day after day, nor will you ever catch me eating squirmy live tomato worms. And while "The Amazing Race" amazes, I haven't the guts to go sky diving or sledging down a waterfall. But that doesn't stop me from shaking my fist at the television at the people brave enough to do these things (I mean, really, tomato worms?) and say, "What are you thinking?" (The most recent edition of "Survivor" is a perfect example; good grief, people, break up Rob and Amber already!).

I freely admit I haven't the gumption ( or the wardrobe) to be on a reality show, but you should definitely try it so I can sit in my recliner and cheer you on. I mean, c'mon, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. If you do choose to go, keep these 10 tips in mind before you head off in search of 15 minutes (or a season) of fame and fortune. It could be the difference between $1 million and walking away with nothing. Go go go!

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