Monday, September 27, 2004

Looking alert

I blogged sometime ago about what I thought made a successful blog. I neglected to mention that while you can go in with good intentions on being a) personal or b) relevant, you can't always guarantee the steady stream of content on either front. In fact, to come up with a new topic every day to blog about that fits under either category can be difficult and possibly why some blogs eventually bite the dust; some people will argue if you want to be successful at writing -- whether fiction or blogging -- you have totreat it like a job -- whether you want to or not.

All of this build-up to admit the truth to you: I do 'can' blog entries. I save things that catch my attention, I write entries when I have a free moment, and I brainstorm to figure out what I want to blog about next. Sometimes, the entries -- such as the recent Hair Gate ones -- are right off the cuff, based in the now. Others, like this entry, have been written and saved at some time in the recent past.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the slightly dated, but still eloquent and expressive Michael Moore on why the GOP doesn't reflect America

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