Thursday, September 02, 2004


Question of the day: what are the Republicans doing up in NYC? I mean, Republicans are free to gather anywhere they desire, that's the beauty of this country, but NYC? That's like the US government deciding to have a hoedown in Moscow in the 1970s. But that's what the Republicans have done. They put on their boots and ten-gallon hats and they've throwing themselves a party in the Big Apple where Democrats out-number the Republicans 3 to 1 and for that you have to commend the Republicans -- they say they're brave and resolute, and through their actions, they've proven they can walk the talk by striding right into the middle of enemy territory.

That being said, given that a convention ought to give a candidate a bump in the polls, why not pick a swing state? Granted, hurricane-ravaged counting-challenged Florida would probably be a little too nepotistic of an arena to throw the shindig, but how about Oregon or New Mexico or Ohio? After all, all of that money we're pouring into the coffers -- whether Democratic or Republican -- are paying for warfare in the 20 states who keep their lips shut tight on who exactly they're rooting for. For those of us in the 30 remaining states, it's a little like the Battle of Bull Run. We're sitting on the sidelines with our picnic baskets while the rest of you are fighting it out. Go swing states!

All joking aside, the Democrats made their pilgramage to Mecca and paid homage at the Kennedy altar. The Republicans decided to tread on other sacred ground -- that of America's saddest and finest moments. To revisit that moment makes perfect sense; it's the moment around which this presidency has been crafted. Whether it will help him win another four years is not yet clear. I doubt it'll ever be said that Bush or Kerry lost the presidency because they didn't party in a swing state, but I can't help but wonder, with just 3-4 undecided people left in the country, why not go to where they live? Why live it up in Democrat strongholds where the influence of the message will be diluted? On second thought...

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