Sunday, September 29, 2002

Friday Five on a Sunday

1. A pairing that you enjoy reading but will never write, and why.

Hard question. I thought once that this would be Mulder/Scully, but guess not. I guess it would be Chakotay/Paris. I've been discovering some really good C/P fic and much as I enjoy reading them, I don't think I could write it myself.

2. The pairing that you think has spurred the most really awful fan fiction.

Um, will I get pelted with rotten vegetables if I say J/C? Some of the best fic out there is J/C but also some of the dreggiest. I'd say the same about Mulder/Scully - I've read some really horrible MSR fic.

3. A pairing that you just don't get.

Skinner/Maggie Scully. That's one I just don't get. Have they even been in the same episode together? If so, in the same scene?

4. A pairing that you think is difficult to write believably, and an example of it done well.

Picard/Troi and I'm going to just send you over to Lori's page and have you read everything there.

5. A pairing that you have written or have thought about writing, despite your own surprise that you would consider it.

I wrote a P/T/K fic - no, it never made it off my hard drive, but it was certainly one of those, "What was I thinking?" moments. In terms of fics that will one day maybe see the light of day, C/T. Because the idea fascinates me, but it's hard to write when I'm in such a P/T state of mind.

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