Monday, September 23, 2002

Artsy Things

Since I'm not writing, I've been illustrating fics, book covers, mostly. Here the ones I've done so far (all of the X-Files fics have been updated with their respective bookcovers):

For some reason, it's more fun to make book covers for X-Files than it is for Trek. It could be because there are more high quality X-Files pix out there than Trek, not to mention, I can actually use shots of Duchovney and Anderson - not something I can really do for Trek when it comes to actors who wear make-up. Anyway, hope these are not laughable as I know some of you out there are really, really good at book covers. I'm a newbie, having tried my hand at it several years ago and now just rediscovering how much fun and how relaxing it is to do.

So Bjorn, I think I found that hobby we were talking about the other night. Anyone want a bookcover?

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