Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Well, three out of four midterms back and I'm happy to report I'm still in the ballgame! I'm so relieved, especially since I thought the exam I got back today was going to by my downfall (along with a one-way ticket back to the real world). This, btw, was the exam with the nefarious linear programming problem on it, along with other equally nasty and horrible things. But, I shouldn't have been so concerned - I didn't even need the curve, amazingly enough, to make the grade, which I'm so very proud of. In fact, I came in above the average, which is wonderful, fabulous - wow, can you tell I'm elated? Now I don't mind that I only got 36 hours of sleep in 8 days (not to mention the 16 hours worth of midterms - eek!) as I'm so glad to know that yes, I do have a brain, and yes it does function on occasion!

On another note, one of my classmates told me today that I rate above the Knicks for him. Since I haven't followed baskeball since the glory days of Coach Cal and Marcus Camby at my alma mater, I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. He did say that I did rank above this year's World Series though - I guess that's better than ranking above last year's Subway series in which no one outside of the state of NY cared who won. Still, if anyone wants to clarify this for me, please do.

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