Wednesday, October 24, 2001

From the inbox...

Today I got an email asking me to reconsider my policy on posting pornography on my site. My policy is no, absolutely no. It has been no since I opened the site in April of 1998 and it will remain no. The author of the email pointed out that to some, pornography is an artistic form of literary expression. I'm sure that's true, but there are plenty of websites out there that accept pornography - just not mine. And I won't say that this site is the Disney of literary sites - there are indeed some pieces on here that push the envelope. In addition to not accepting pornography, I'll also point out that I do not accept any pieces with a religious slant, regardless of the religion. The point is, I've tried to make this site as broad as I possibly can to appeal to the widest variety of writers and all ages as well. And I admit that this website occasionally does show up on my resume, so there is a hint of self-preservation in my judgement. And let's put this way - the type of stories which don't appear on this site are simply not my cup of tea, and my co-editors probably wouldn't read them either. That's the beauty of running a literary magazine: you can focus on the type of talent you want to focus on. So maybe I am missing out on literary genius and fif that is indeed the case, please accept my apologies. But my answer is still no.

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