Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yoga yogi

I came into yoga class today and instead of the usual "hello," I got, "That was YOUR foot!" Lest you think this is the new way people greet each other in Sweat Sock City, let me back up seven days. At the last class I attended -- I go to yoga every Tuesday after work -- a photographer from Sweat Sock City Chronicle was there taking pictures for an article on the studio and its owner. He took our names, and then spent 45 minutes taking our pictures. I managed to tune him out most of the time, even when he was sitting RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF MY MAT, as I'd forgotten my hair band, and my hair was in my face about 85 percent of the time (see downward dog pose).

After he left, we kind of mused about what the pictures would look like, and was it really a good idea to give this guy permission to slap pictures of our sweaty selves all over a newspaper with a circulation of 3 million? Anyway, I had my uncle on Sweat Sock City Chronicle watch, as the photographer had told us there would be a pictoral spread to go with the story. My uncle never said anything about seeing the spread in the newspaper, so I assumed it hadn't run until I got to yoga today and was greeted with, "That was YOUR foot!"

Turns out, out of all the 80 gazillion pictures taken that day, pretty much the ONLY picture the newspaper published was my size 8 Wide un-pedicured foot. From the way my foot is angled in the picture, I assume it was Warrior One pose, which is an infinitely cooler pose than JUST MY FOOT. At least the photographer had the kindness to at least leave in a bit of my yoga pants (just the part covering my shin) and of course, my lime green yoga mat -- which is how the identification was actually made (that and I would have recognized my bony toes, complete with peeling pink nailpolish anywhere).

The worst thing is, the picture doesn't add anything to the story and it's so very boring, considering all the other photographs that could have run instead. No back bends, no Eagle pose, no Cobra -- just to name a few of the poses we did during the 45 minutes the photographer was there. I can't see how a picture of MY FOOT would inspire anyone to come to yoga class (most likely, it would scare people away -- "I'm not going to any class that has THAT FOOT enrolled!").

That being said, I couldn't find a picture of my foot on Sweat Sock City Chronicle's homepage, so if my uncle has saved the paper and I can find a scanner, maybe I'll post it here for you all to see. I mean, THREE MILLION PEOPLE have seen my disembodied foot; I totally would feel AWFUL if you guys couldn't share in my foot's grand debut in the newspaper.

p.s. Any Sweat Sock City residents reading this blog, if you have Sunday's Small Business edition, check there for The Foot (tm) and if possible, I'd like a copy, scanned, if you could please. Mucho gracias.

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