Saturday, July 30, 2005

A strange, sweet music

Last night, I scored tickets to "Phantom of the Opera" very unexpectedly and very last minute. I'd been fully prepared to spend my Friday night watching BSG and installing DSL, but a friend called around 7 pm. "Are you free? Do you want to go see Phantom? Meet me at the theater. It starts at 8." Since I only live minutes away from the theater, it wasn't a big deal and I managed to get there on time.

I first saw "Phantom" more than ten years ago in Montreal. It was February, bitterly cold, and I'd never been quite so grateful as when we sat down in our plush seats to watch the show. I didn't quite 'feel' the show until "Angel of Music/The Phantom of the Opera/Music of the Night" and then, as I watched the 'boat' slide across the stage in a misty blue fog, illuminated by candles, my breath caught in my throat. I felt a thrill then that has never been duplicated or so profoundly felt. Yesterday, I'm happy to say I felt that same shiver go down my throat as I watched the Phantom lead Christine down into his dungeon.

My favorite musical sequence still remains "Angel of Music/Phantom of the Opera/Music of the Night", but this time I also appreciated the intricacy and color of the set, the fine detail to attention, and the pyrotechniques. When I saw the show in Montreal, I was seated in the last row of the theater, and there was half a pillar in my way, and so I definitely missed some things. This time, I saw and appreciated it all. It was truly a beautiful and spectacular production, and I am so glad to see that it after all these years, it still managed to retain its romantic spot in my heart.

Music rec: Celtic Woman -- I heard these guys on PBS and oh, such beautiful voices, such lovely arrangements of music, and just really calming and lovely music. Do check your local PBS stations to see when the concert will air in your area.

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