Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh, the humanity!

I was knocked off line because my phone line went kaput. I came home to discover not only was my phone ringing off the hook -- because it was crossed with a home builder's line -- but also everytime I called out, it helpfully dialed the same number I was calling twice. Which meant when I was on the phone with Ma Bell, I was talking to a representative, while in the background I could hear, "Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold." And when Ma Bell called me back, in the background was the operator, admonishing Ma Bell telling her to hang up and please try the call again because the line was busy. Ma Bell then told me the quickest she could get someone to fix my phone was 7 pm on Wednesday.

People, I was looking at more than FORTY EIGHT HOURS WITHOUT THE INTERNET. The phone, not such a big deal, because most people call me on my cell these days. But without the Internet? Monday, I was fine, because I only had about 30 minutes between the time I came home from work to when I had to leave for my swing dance class, and then I didn't come home until close to 10, and ended up chatting with the Maternal Unit and eating chocolate covered coffee beans until about 10:30. Just for the record: eating chocolate covered coffee beans at that hour is a Very Bad Idea (tm) and should not be attempted at home. And then, because I was WIRED, I ended up watching the second half of a Dominion War arc and then when I couldn't sleep that night, I woke up around 2 am and watched another Dominion War arc ep. I tell you, people, there is NOTHING like a DS9 bedtime story when the sheep just refuse to do their job.

Anyway, the whole sleepness night IS relevant, as starting early this morning, the phone started ringing off the hook for the home builder. And as I was fast asleep (finally), it was rather annoying. Especially because of the whole dual phone thing -- I'd pick it up, and get the busy signal and some confused person asking for the home builder; needless to say, they couldn't hear me over the busy signal. Around 6:50, I gave up on the possibility of an extra 10 minutes of sleep and got up. I also ignored the phone which kept ringing through MY THIRTY MINUTES WITH KATIE AND MATT.

During the day, I kept checking Ma Bell's website, and it kept saying there was a repair report out on my line and that it would be fixed by 7 pm Wednesday. I fully intended to come home tonight, absolutely antsy and pulling my hair out and then, of course, curling up in a ball on the floor in withdrawal. But I went to yoga first, so when I came home, I was actually pretty well relaxed and oxygenated. And hungry. And what do you know, Ma Bell had called and said she fixed my line! Of course, my voice mail was full of hang-ups of busy dial tones, but that didn't matter, because Ma Bell had come through, had delivered MORE THAN SHE PROMISED, and my line was fixed, and I didn't have to worry about another 24 hours without Internet and I'm glad it got straightened out before my DSL ordered arrived. Sheesh.

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