Saturday, July 23, 2005

Last post of the day

Really, I'm in a bloggy mood -- I haven't blogged this much in nearly year, I don't think. But I swear, this is the last post of the day as I have to go to dinner and there's a whole funny story associated with that plans that probably wouldn't translate well in virtual life, otherwise I'd tell you all about it. That's the problem with virtual life and real life sometimes -- the people don't always know each other and the nuances of both are missed on the other. But really, what I was coming back to say -- even though I should be in my car DRIVING -- that this here is an interesting article on how some major publishers are using the Internet to publicize their authors. Also, on a scary note, Nora Roberts has just completed her 159th novel and unlike Danielle Steele, her books are actually good.

And now really, you guys are somehow going to have to get through the rest of Saturday without a post from me.

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