Thursday, August 21, 2003

So I survived the baseball game. Only four innings though. I still contend that baseball is dull, but I thought the stadium was terrific, though $3.50 for a bottle of water is pricey. Since this was right after work, I bought some Velveeta-drenched nachos to soothe my rumbling stomach (right, it's as gross as it sounds, as it also had runny salsa and gelatinous sour cream). Our seats were right behind right-field in the seventh row. And when we finally found them, I looked out at the field and there was Sammy Sosa no more than 15-20 yards away. I was like, "Sammy Sosa! I've heard of him!" My co-workers were amused, to say the least.

During the four innings I watched, both pitchers pitched no-hitters. So it was like watching people go up to bat, stand there for two minutes, and then sit down again. There was only one homerun and I missed it because I was eating my nachos. Or standing up to let someone go by. We stood up a lot to let people go by. At one point, while someone was passing by, he actually spilled his beer on the person sitting one row in front of us. Luckily, it was all good and there wasn't a brawl. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would have ended up wearing what was left of my nachos at that point.

Anyway, turned out I didn't miss anything by only staying four innings. It was a complete shut-out and the home team didn't score a single run. Poor Sammy got booed. A lot. Someone near us yelled out to him, "Hey, Corky!" and someone else made a sign and held it up; it read, "Where's the cork?"

Apparently I keep missing the Irrepressible Miss Barr on chats (and I quote jemima: "You just missed Liz!"). If this goes on much longer, I might start to take it personally. But good on you for going to Mozilla. Together, we'll all take the Internet back from the Evol Corp.

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