Tuesday, August 26, 2003

In which I plead with Elizabeth to please, please help me

Note Rocky asked today whether I was just MSTing or actually spamming the spammer. Yes, I'm spamming the spammer and this is an actual conversation with a Real!Live!Spammer. After all, I figure it can only lead to more spammage, and dude, after the weekend of SoBig and spam, I'm very proud of my inbox being able to stand up to the strain. Plus, I'm getting a malicious, snarky kind of joy out of spamming the spammer. And now, on with my latest response (note that I didn't remove her email address this time; feel free to spam her as well ::grin::):

--- Elizabeth Mulumba (eliluv1@yahoo.com) wrote:

> Dear Seema,
> please i will like to know if you are ready to
> assist me or not i do.I you are try and send me then
> complete information i requested in my first mail.

I am very eager to assist you. Little Hansolo (child
number three) has an ear infection and Obiwan (child
number seven) needs new shoes. So your email could not
have come at a better time. However, you did not
specify to me what information you required. I have
not a phone number because the phone company cut me
off because I had to use the money to buy medicine for
Anakin (child number two).

I would like to proceed on this matter very quickly. I
would also like to get to know yuo better. How many
brothers and sisters have you? And are they still in
Liberia? Also, if you know Mrs. Seko Seko, please let
her know I'm very worried as she has not responded to
my last email. She had some funds in Nigeria she
needed transferring and I was counting on that money
to help pay for heart surgery for Leia (child number

Please respond with all due haste. I'm awaiting
eagerly by my email for your reply.

Your best friend,

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